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Mr. Shyam Kishor Yadav

Project Manager


Budiganga Hydropower Project


Budhiganga Hydropower Project aims at contributing to the social and economic development of Nepal through increasing electricity generation capacity of the country which will help to meet the load demand and reduce the load shedding by developing the Budhi Ganga Hydroelectric Power Project. The Project is a peaking run-of-river type that lies within the Achham and Bajura districts on the Budhi Ganga River, a major tributary to the Seti River and is located in the Far Western Development Region approximately 890 km west of the capital Kathmandu.


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Salient Features


Name of Project

Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project  



Power House Site

Thapagaon Village (Hatikot VDC Ward No 4) (on Left Bank of River)

Dam Site

Budha Bagar (In between Babla VDC Ward No 3 and Kuskot VDC Ward No 5)

Name of the River

Budhi Ganga River

Type of Scheme

Run-of the River with Daily Pondage (6 hrs Peaking)

Installed Capacity

20 MW


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Information Officer

Er. Poonam Pandey

Tel.: 977-1-4423206




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